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In recent years marijuana has been used as a method to alleviate pain caused by various medical conditions such as, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, chemotherapy and arthritis. However because of the recent approval of medical marijuana by some countries, many recreational smokers believe that it is still okay to smoke marijuana because doctors are letting patients use the drug. Unfortunately, despite these beliefs, it is still unsafe to smoke marijuana recreationally.

When a patient uses medical marijuana it is in a controlled environment so that the patients doctor can control the dosage and quality of the marijuana. In a controlled environment the dosage is prescribed in specific amounts so that the patient achieves relief from the pain, this prevents the patient from becoming addicted to the plant because the dosages are controlled and not given in gradual increased quantities.

Recreational users typically become addicted because they tolerate the affects of marijuana and as a result need larger and larger quantities to get the same desired affect. By having a doctor control the dosage of the drug, the doctor is able to prevent the patient’s dependence on the drug.

As well, the quality of the plant is grown using specific guidelines from the government, producing the highest quality marijuana, and preventing contamination of the plant. Typical recreational growers will buy from dealers, who can put additives in the plant, which can cause more serious side affects to the user. In addition, the quantity of marijuana is not controlled allowing the user to have a consistent supply, making them more prone to becoming addicted to the drug.

Although many recreational users say they can be responsible while using the drug, it is still a dangerous drug to use because of those who abuse the drug by over dosing, mixing marijuana with other drugs and drinks, and performing various tasks while on the drug. Overall, despite the use of marijuana as a way to alleviate pain from various ailments, recreational users should not see this development as a future sign of marijuana becoming legal in Canada and/or the United States.


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Odessa said on July 17, 2010 @ 06:09

Do you know someone who is using medical marijuana? Do you think they are in control of the drug and using it responsibly?

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