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Being a first year student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS there are lots of new things to experience, friends, new environment, frosh week, and of course, what seems endless, parties. And with parties there is bound to be alcohol and drugs.

From the first week of orientation, or frosh for others, there were parties on every floor of my residence and the drinks were flowing. I was lucky enough to hang out with some great girls that didn’t pressure me into drinking if I didn’t want too, especially since I don’t drink much in the first place. Although I have had some fun, and have drunk a bit, it is always important to know your limit, because it is not worth it getting completely wasted and not only passing out, but potentially doing something dangerous and/or stupid.  
Although there is a lot of freedom at university you are an adult and have responsibilities and are liable for all your actions. Some ways to keep focused but still have fun is to hang out with people that you can trust, as, especially for the ladies, it is always a good idea to have some good female friends to look out for you and walk home with after a night of partying. It is also good that those friends don’t force or pressure you into drinking when you don’t want to; having mutual respect amongst each other is key.
            Another point is drugs; someone is bound to have some, whether its pot, ecstasy, or cocaine you always have a choice to refuse them. Often enough residences have rules and regulations about drugs and alcohol, and the implications for being caught doing drugs is possible eviction. If you are ever caught in a situation where drugs are present and you either do or do not use them it is easy to step away from the situation, because when you think about it, is it really worth being kicked out of the only home you now have?
            Although it is easy to get caught up with all the parties in University you need to consider what is important, school or parties? The answer is obvious, but which will you choose?
What are some experiences that you have had while at university involving substance abuse?
How do you stay away from over drinking while at school?


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